updated May 10th, 2020: Due to the current mass of commissions/projects I am working on, I will not be taking any new inquiries until further notice. I apologize for the inconveniance but appreciate your patience & understanding!
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tell me about your idea!

Please fill out this form and email to Trina at with the Subject Title: Kushy Land Commission. Visuals are super helpful! If you have any reference photos or examples of what you want, please attach them to your email.  Thank you!!

  1. Full Name: 

  2. Digital Commission, Painting Commission, or Cartoon Portrait:

  3. What is your budget? (Must be at least $90.00)

  4. For prints & painting commissions: what size would you like your print or painting? 

  5. What character(s) would you like? If not characters, what is your concept? Please provide as much detail as possible! I am also a veryyy visual person, please send any photos or examples of what you are looking for.  Even if you think I might already be familiar with the character/person/object, feel free to send over photo examples anyway. Even a super rough sketch or outline is helpful.  

  6. What would you like your character, object, or person doing? Please be detailed as possible! 

  7. Do you have a deadline? 

  8. For physical commissions: Shipping or pick-up? I am located in Chicago.

  9. Any other notes, details, information I need to know?


Please allow 2-3 days for me to review your request. Response and completion time varies depending on how many commissions I have in my current queue.