High-ly Requested. Download and print 60 Kushy_Land illustrations straight from your computer! Live outside of the U.S. or want to print on your own art paper? This is perfect for you. 


  1. Zip File contains pages in a PDF format. Download Adobe Acrobat to view and print your download. If you are digitally coloring, Procreate is compatible and free to download to your table/iPad.
  2. All images are created and illustrated by Kushy_Land. Distributing, re-selling, and use for outside labels/products/logos are prohibited unless given permission by the artist. Contact the artist for further details. 
  3. Pages are best fit for 8.5x11 bright white paper, but can be printed on other sizes up to 11x14. 
  4. For marker and watercolor, cardboard stock paper 60lb or heavier is reccommended. 
  5. If you are using a drawing app like iDraw, Procreate, or Adobe Sketch, DO NOT remove Kushy_Land watermark unless given permission by the artist. 
  6. Any questions, comments or concerns? Email the artist at kushyland@gmail.com. Enjoy! 


Digital DL BIG ASS Coloring Book (70 pages)

    • PRINT FROM HOME: Download ZIP file directly to a computer or laptop. Once you have downloaded your PDF file, we reccommend you open it via Adobe Acrobat or any app that supports PDF's and print from there. 
    • TABLET/IPAD DRAWING APP: Download ZIP file directly to a computer or laptop FIRST. Once the PDF file is fully downloaded, you can transfer it to your tablet/ipad. Most drawing/coloring apps support PDF files. If you run into any issues, feel free to email us at kushyland@gmail.com.